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Take the first step in securing your Internet identity and register your domain name.


Having your own domain gives you or your company credibility.


A domain name consists of two parts. The first part identifies the person or company and the second part is called the domain extension. Domain extensions can include .com .net and .org as well as many more extensions. When a domain name is obtained from a domain registrar information must be provided to indicate where the website is hosted.


While the common term is that you “purchase” a domain name, it’s more like you are leasing it. You keep control of a domain name by paying an annual fee to the domain name registrar where it was obtained.


One of the most compelling reasons to purchase a domain name is to protect your identity .


Should you purchase more than one domain name?


For search engine purposes, you don't need more than one domain name. It's better to consolidate multiple domain names and associated websites and focus on building one strong domain name with a single site. That being said the advantage of having multiple domain names is to protect your identity and prevent a competitor from squatting on your name.


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